About Us

PEDIATRIC HEALTH CHOICE is a family of companies carefully engineered and dedicated to Pediatric Health Care. We are the premier provider of alternative-site health care services for medically complex, technology-dependent and behaviorally challenged children. Over twenty five years ago, we pioneered an innovative, child-focused and family-oriented service delivery model for pediatric health care that has subsequently been adopted throughout the United States today. Presently, we are the largest operator of Ambulatory Medical Day Health Centers in the country. Within our family of companies, we are certified by Medicaid and fully licensed by state regulatory agencies.

Ingrained in our philosophy is: commitment to the highest level of child and family state of wellness/health; dedication to individualized, family-centered care; assurance of a safe, nurturing and progressive environment; provision of qualified, caring professional staff; enhanced utilization of health care dollars; collaborative team effort; a multicultural approach and parent/professional partnership in care.

Currently based in Florida, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi and Delaware, we offer a wide range of quality-oriented, comprehensive, specialized and cost-effective community-based pediatric health care disciplines. Our integrated, multi-disciplinary delivery model affords children efficient physician-prescribed services whether acute, chronic or intermittent in nature including: Ambulatory Medical Day Health Center Services; and Physical, Occupational and Oral-Motor/Speech/Language Services.



  • Quality care from professional registered nurses
  • Socialization with other children
  • Medically safe, less restrictive
  • Developmentally stimulating
  • Therapies PT, OT, ST, RT
  • Special education/therapeutic play
  • Transportation


  • No more missed nursing shifts
  • Guaranteed care
  • Support from other families
  • Education and training
  • Peace of mind


  • Acute or chronic in lieu of private duty nursing
  • Direct interaction with the caregiver
  • Continuity/coordination of care
  • Excellent care
  • Clinical support team 24/7
  • Clinical updates/regular client reports


  • Cost effective quality care
  • Case management
  • Utilization management
  • Customized billing