Medical Day Health Centers

Providing Specialized Medical Daycare For Special Needs Children

The Medical Day Health Center is an integrated, multi-disciplinary service delivery model where children who have a skilled need are afforded efficient physician-prescribed services including nursing, therapies, infusion, respiratory care, medication/treatment and other ancillary support services whether acute, chronic or intermittent in nature.

Medical Day Health Services are medically-safe, less restrictive and are rendered in a child friendly, age-appropriate, socially and developmentally stimulating environment.

Medical Day Health Services can be utilized in lieu of, or as a complement to, private duty nursing in the home. In the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi and Delaware, the medical day health program targets infants, toddlers and children from birth up to twenty-one years of age whose medical conditions require technology-based and/or skilled nursing interventions.

The Medical Day Health Center service delivery model is child-focused and family oriented. This model allows a full range of bundled services to be delivered seamlessly and affords the highest skill level of pediatric care at optimal cost-effectiveness in a non-hospital setting.

Medical Day Health Centers operate up to seven days a week, up to twelve hours a day depending upon the needs of its clients/families and the community. Children and families come and go throughout the day based on their individualized attendance and appointment schedule.

Benefits of Medical Day Health Services include: one single point of contact enhancing communication between family, payor and physician; avoiding costly duplication of services; providing consistent utilization management throughout the continuum of care; promoting primary nursing and case management; focusing on an holistic approach to child and family optimal health status both physiological and developmental while helping to reduce long term cost of care.

The Medical Day Health Center program is designed to offer: a more usual social environment which provides experience in peer interaction and socialization; to increase the accessibility to professional staff; to improve parent coping skills and decrease burn out; to promote developmental stimulation; to provide a cost-efficient care option compared to costly hospitalization or private duty nursing; to improve utilization of limited health care dollars.

Medical Day Health Center facilities engage a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled licensed professionals, i.e., registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed therapists (oral-motor/speech/language, physical, occupational and respiratory). Moreover, Medical Day Health Centers offer additional ancillary clinical staff which may also include: Child Development Specialists, Child Life Specialists, Early Interventionists, Special Educators, Social Workers, Nutritionists/Dieticians, Nursing/Medical Assistants, Patient Care Aides, Emergency Medical Technicians, Therapeutic Play Assistants and Transporters.